15 Cheapest Online Programs in Educational Leadership and Administration

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This is a list of the fifteen cheapest online programs in Educational Leadership and Administration.

Thoughts and ideas regarding online education are changing rapidly. Whether this is a result of political activism, or a shift in cultural expectations, school administrators must be adaptable and effective. The best programs empower future administrators with the ability to improve their schools through a variety of means to meet these expectations.

How to finance one’s education is often a concern, so we are pleased to highlight fifteen high-quality programs from reputable institutions, that are also affordable.  The programs listed are well below the average cost for obtaining an Educational Leadership degree. This affordability is not a result of lower quality for the programs, more often than not it is a product of well-respected public universities offering all online students the chance to study at the prices usually reserved for state residents. The list is comprised of the cheapest among universities offering online graduate programs in educational leadership as listed by College Navigator, a database administered by the National Center for Education Statistics. The tuition rates were confirmed at each school’s website.

Here are the fifteen cheapest online graduate programs in educational administration.

#15. University of South Dakota: M.Ed. in Educational Administration

There are several programs offered in Educational Administration by the University of South Dakota, all strong choices depending on student goals. The fundamental program is for students seeking to ascend to the position of school principal. Another program which students may choose after they have completed the principal program provides further education that will qualify students to make the move from principal to superintendent. Tuition: $6,637.60

#14. Purdue University–Calumet: M.S. in Education–Educational Administration

This program is designed for students that hold a teaching certification who are seeking a foundational approach to education that will help them serve the needs of 21st century students. Purdue is one of the most recognizable university names in the world and the affordable cost of the program combined with the online format makes this a great choice. Tuition: $6,510

#13. Sam Houston State University: M.Ed. in Administration

Sam Houston State University is part of the respected Texas public university system. The program emphasizes the skills necessary for effective administration in schools. Students will learn how to apply the most innovative, cutting-edge research to improve curricula and special programs while accommodating students of diverse backgrounds. Tuition: $6,510

#12. Western Governors University: M.S. in Educational Leadership

WGU is the first fully online university to have education programs accredited by NCATE. The school was founded to explore the potential of online education and has pushed the medium forward over its 15-year history. The M.S. in Educational Leadership is a strong choice for students seeking to move into administrative positions such as:  Vice Principal, Assistant Principal, and Principal. The program meets the requirements for certification in most states, and provides a list of states where this is not applicable. Tuition: $6,500

#11. West Texas A&M University: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

This M.Ed. program is taught by experienced professors, all of whom have served in education leadership throughout their careers. The program enables students to earn the full degree and all related certifications 100% online. The program is strong for all students, but its strength is demonstrated by the pass rates of students on the TExES certification tests. 93.3% pass rate for the principal test, and a 100% pass rate for the superintendent test. Tuition: $6,464

#10. University of Arkansas: M.Ed. Educational Leadership

This program has a unique delivery system, offering all its courses during the summer. This enables educational professionals to use the downtime between school years to earn their degree. Courses during the Fall and Spring are offered both online and on campus. This program is accredited by NCATE. Tuition: $6,404

#9. University of Southern Mississippi: M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Supervision

The University of Southern Mississippi was founded as a teacher’s college more than a century ago and since then has maintained a special focus on education at the school’s core. Naturally such a school would embrace the innovation made possible by Internet technology by offering a 100% online program. The program is accredited through both NCATE and the ELCC. Tuition: $6,375

#8. Columbia College: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program at Columbia College offers both a Principal Track and an Instructional Leader Track. The program is designed specifically to both provide students the tools necessary for effective school leadership, as well as to prepare them for the principal certification exams they will face after completing the degree. Tuition: $6,300

#7. Indiana State University: M.Ed. in Supervision and Leadership

The focus of this program from Indiana State is on administration, particularly assistant principal, vice principal, and principal roles. The program strikes a balance between the study of the administrative skills necessary for success, and the analytical skills needed to apply the latest research available on educational methods and instructional strategies in both public and private education settings. Tuition: $6,154

#6. Northwestern State University of Louisiana: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

The Educational Leadership program at NSULA, now offered fully online, features the same 36-credit program as the traditional degree. The program is accredited through NCATE and ELCC. Students already possessing a graduate degree may qualify to pursue a stripped down version of the program to help to prepare for the licensure exams. Tuition: $5,836

#5. Concordia University–St. Paul: MA in Educational Leadership

While the online version of this program is available 100% online, there is one hour per week students are required to participate in a synchronous video chat session. This provides students with the great opportunity for personal interaction with other students and the professor, however, some may find this requirement too difficult to make work with a busy schedule. The program is designed to be taken at each student’s pace, as well as to be fully completed in 2 years or less. Tuition: $5,520

#4. University of Louisiana Monroe: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

This program doesn’t just focus on teaching future administrators how to run a school, it strives to make them agents of educational change. The program recognizes that the modern approach to education is changing, and not always in the same way in all places. ULM wants to prepare teachers to work in a variety of settings, and find that they are prepared to meet the unique challenges posed by different systems head on. Tuition: $5,400

#3. Chadron State College: M.Ed. in Educational Leadership

Chadron State College is consistently one of the cheapest schools offering online graduate programs. The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program is no exception. This program is designed to build upon prior learning in each area students may want to administrate. Thus, future administrators of elementary, middle, or high school must have completed a teaching program focusing specifically on those grades. If not, the student will be required to take additional foundation courses to ensure they are fully prepared for the task. Tuition: $5,062

#2. Lamar University: M.Ed. in Educational Administration

This program is designed so that it can be completed in as little as 18 months. There is an internship capstone requirement that can be arranged through the school with organizations local to the student provided the program meets state requirements. Lamar is one of two universities that offers the full educational leadership program for $9,000 or under. Tuition: $4,500

#1. Fort Hays State University: MS in Education

Fort Hays State University offers a program that can be completed in 33-36 credit hours. The 33-hour program is the cheapest Educational Leadership program offered online in the United States. $8,854 for a full graduate program in educational leadership is incredibly inexpensive, regardless of whether you are considering in-state, out of state, online, or traditional program prices. Tuition: $4,428

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