Early Childhood Education Degree Programs in Arizona

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If you’re thinking about seeking accredited early childhood education degree programs in Arizona, you’ve come to the right place for information. Arizona offers a variety of lifestyles and living conditions within its diverse areas that include desert climates to the South and mountainous areas of the North that allow for snowy winters and distinct change of seasons. As one of the largest cities in the northern part of the state, Flagstaff, AZ, offers much in the way of art and culture and is a strong tourism base for the state due to its proximity to Grand Canyon National Park. As the site of the main campus of Northern Arizona University, it also offers quality higher education opportunities for those wishing to study at the school’s main campus.

Northern Arizona University

College of Education

Northern Arizona University (NAU) is a public university that places a high value on research and sustainability. Founded as a one-room classroom in 1899, today it boasts multiple campuses and a substantial online presence and offers more than 150 degree programs that range from the associate level to doctoral. The College of Education within this university is a recognized leader in education, offering a variety of degrees that include those discussed below and combine elements of what has worked in the past with modern innovations in teaching and educational leadership. The university is also the first and only one within the state of Arizona to be accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Like most undergraduate, four-year degrees, this baccalaureate degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for completion. Of these, 65-75 will be in general education courses and electives applied toward the Associate level, two-year degree. Within the general education coursework, 35 credit hours will be taken in liberal studies requirements, which include required courses such as English Composition courses and courses in the fields of math, science, social sciences, and cultural understanding.

Achievement of this BS degree then requires a minimum of 59 credit hours in coursework dedicated to the early childhood education major, coursework that covers foundational topics as well as curriculum and methods, student teaching, and a special content emphasis of the student’s choice. This emphasis can be on a particular subject or field and is required of all elementary and early education majors. Successful completion of this degree program results in state teaching certification and career choices that include positions teaching preschool and elementary school levels.

Early Childhood Education, Master of Education

For those teachers who are ready to take their career to the next level or who wish to specialize in a particular area of early childhood education, this degree offers options for a more directed approach to certain areas of elementary education. Current emphases include early childhood education leadership and early childhood education geared specifically toward preschool teaching. Teachers wishing to become curriculum specialists or special education teachers at the preschool and elementary levels will also benefit from this advanced degree program. Successful completion of the Master’s level requires a minimum of 30 credit hours in graduate level coursework in subjects such as educational foundations, research, psychology, curriculum, and special education. A thesis option is also available but not required.


• National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE)
• Higher Learning Commission (HLC)
• Council for the Accreditation of Education Preparation (CAEP)

Contact Information

Northern Arizona University
College of Education
Department of Teaching and Learning
801 South Knoles Drive
P.O. Box 5774
Flagstaff, AZ 86011

The education of our youngest citizens is a highly worthy cause with its own unique challenges and rewards. When you’re ready for a career that involves the shaping of young minds and future world citizens, one that has a positive impact on who these children will become as they grow to adulthood and beyond, consider looking into one of these accredited early childhood education degree programs in Arizona to get you started.

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