Can I Be a Corporate Trainer with an Education Degree?

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It is absolutely possible to become a corporate trainer with an education degree. While people who enter this career typically first earn a bachelor’s degree, there is no specific field that is necessary to specialize in. An education degree will provide the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this role. Read on to learn more about what it takes to become a corporate trainer, including how to get there, salary and job outlook, and key responsibilities of this role.

What Does a Corporate Trainer Do?

Corporate trainers, also known as training and development specialists, develop curriculum and programs that are provided to the employees of an organization for the purpose of orientation and ongoing training. These specialists also analyze the effectiveness of these trainings and make modifications as needed. Some trainers design and implement materials from scratch, while others review and select materials from a variety of vendors to meet organizational needs. Completing administrative tasks and working closely with management are also critical to this role. While some corporate trainers work for specific organizations, others are contractors who travel to different organizations to assess their needs and develop specialized training programs. Background in information technology is helpful as training modules are increasingly developed in online platforms. Gaining knowledge of current education technologies will increase your value to potential employers.

What Education and Experience Is Required to Become a Corporate Trainer?

A bachelor’s degree in education is the ideal foundation for a role as a corporate trainer. Many of the skills developed with this degree, such as curriculum design, assessment, teaching strategies, and communication, are applicable to a business setting as well as the classroom. Other common educational backgrounds for this role include psychology, human resources, business, communication, and training and development. While certification in this role is not usually required, you may consider earning credentials from a professional organization such as the American Society for Training and Development. Work experience in the field is usually required before becoming a full-on corporate trainer; those who attain this role may also choose to go on to the management level as they gain additional experience.

What is the Salary and Job Outlook for this Role?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, corporate trainers earn an average of $55,930 per year. The highest pay for those in this role is in science and research, followed by education, finance, health care, and administrative services. The projected job growth for corporate trainers is 15 percent by 2022, which accounts for approximately 35,400 new jobs. This is much faster than the average growth for other professions, making this an ideal field for those who are concerned about job security.

The role of corporate trainer is ideal for someone who is outgoing, friendly, loves working with people and enjoys teaching. If you have an education degree and are considering your career options, you can definitely become a corporate trainer with an education degree.

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