Can You Teach Preschool With an Associate’s Degree?

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Preschool TeacherSomeone who dreams of a career that involves working with young children will likely want to know whether it’s possible to teach preschool with an associate’s degree. The person may want to know if further education is a requirement. The following offers a look at the requirements necessary to be a preschool teacher. Also, find out a little about this vocation and what it takes to be successful.

Education Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the specific requirements of becoming a preschool teacher differ depending on where a person works. Some private preschools may require a teacher to have an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree. A private preschool is able to charge higher tuition if it has well-qualified teachers. A community preschool may hire a teacher who has only a high school diploma. In other cases, a preschool will hire a teacher with the agreement that he or she will earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree within a certain time period. People interested in a career as a preschool teacher would be wise to ask the board of education office in their county or state about the official requirements. Or, they can call some local preschools to find out about the credentials of their teachers.

Responsibilities of a Preschool Teacher

A preschool teacher helps three and four year old children learn their alphabet along with the sounds of each letter. Other topics covered by preschool teachers include numbers, colors, various weather conditions and one syllable words. In addition, a preschool teacher may teach students about manners and proper hygiene (i.e.washing their hands). A preschool teacher lays the foundation to prepare his or her students for kindergarten.

Desirable Qualities of a Preschool Teacher

A successful preschool teacher is patient with his or her students. Some students are excited to be in school, while others are hesitant. A good teacher treats each student as an individual. Preschool teachers must also be knowledgeable about how to teach very young students. Many preschool teachers are familiar with phonics and what role phonics plays in teaching a child simple words. A successful preschool teacher is dedicated to helping students live up to their potential. These teachers can leave students with a good impression of school right from the beginning.

Other Activities of Preschool Teachers

Along with teaching a regular school day, a preschool teacher also meets with parents for conferences. It’s important for a teacher to let parents know about a child’s strengths as well as what he or she needs to work on. Also, preschool teachers sometimes participate in summer activities at the school. They may take kids on field trips and other educational activities. Many preschool teachers create a theme for their classroom, then decorate according to that theme. A preschool teacher is a representative of the school itself. It’s a teacher’s responsibility to be welcoming to every student. They must put in the time and effort it takes to teach each student what he or she needs to know for kindergarten.

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Finally, a preschool teacher must love working with small children who are still learning the very basics such as eating with utensils and going to the bathroom by themselves. A person can teach preschool with an associate’s degree, but a love of the work is also a requirement.

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