How Can You Specialize a Degree in Curriculum and Instruction?

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How Can You Specialize a Degree in Curriculum and Instruction?If you would like to become a curriculum specialist in the field of education, it is important that you look into how you can specialize a degree in curriculum and instruction. Curriculum specialists, which may also be called curriculum developers, is a professional in the educational sphere who works with classroom teachers to make material recommendations. Specialists may also interpret the state guidelines and then recommend changes to the curricula currently being taught in a school or a district. Since the role of the developer has a direct impact on students, they need advanced knowledge in curriculum standards and instruction. This is how you can get that advanced knowledge:

Earn an Undergraduate Degree

The first step to specialized in curriculum is to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program majoring in education. It is best to focus on the area of education that you would prefer teach in. In a majority of states, you can use your bachelor’s degree to satisfy the teaching license requirements.

Get Your Teaching License and Get Teaching Experience

Virtually all public and private schools require their curriculum developers to pass the state licensing exam before they can work in this specialty. It is also very common for schools to look for professionals who have experience as instructors in classroom settings.

It is very difficult for educators to listen to recommendations given by administrative professionals who have never been in their shoes. This is why you must pass basic skills tests and content tests before teaching. Once you do this, you will be eligible to work in elementary, middle or high school as a teacher who teaches the curriculum.

Earn Your Specialized Degree

Once you are ready to go from an instructor to a specialist in curriculum, the next step is earning your specialized degree. The best path to go down is to earn your Master’s in Education, according to USC Rossier Online site. This is a terminal degree focuses on the education system and not necessary on practical teaching skills.

If you enroll in an M.Ed. program, you can choose from a list of concentrations. Most schools offer concentrations specifically in Curriculum and Instruction. This concentration focuses on curriculum design theories and leadership. Students who take this class will be ready to work with teachers and administrators to coordinate curriculum. Some of the core courses that you will take when specializing your degree include:

  • Curriculum theory
  • Educational tests and measures
  • Educational research
  • Classroom management
  • Evaluating course of study
  • Instruction improvement

Get Certified

While it is not always required, some schools now require developers to possess an educational administration license before working with a district. You will need to check with each district directly to see what is required. If you need to earn your administration license, you should check out the state’s criteria for certification before you study for a graduate degree.

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If you want to become a specialist, you need to earn a graduate degree. Start by becoming an educator and experience what it is like to instruct and specific grade level. After doing this, enroll in a Master of Education program so that you can specialize a degree in curriculum and instruction.

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