How Do I Become a College Administrator?

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College AdministratorFor someone that is looking to pursue a career in higher education, but does not necessarily want to teach, it could be a good idea to become a college administrator. A college administrator is an individual that is highly ranked at a major college and is involved in decisions involving admitting students, hiring professors and other faculty, and even preparing university budgets. For people that would like to become a college administrator, there are several steps which should be followed.


Since a college administrator is involved in many aspects of the college and helps to determine the school’s future, it makes sense that an administrator will have a strong educational background. To get a job as an administrator, you will need to have a very strong educational background. Almost all administrators have at least a master’s degree, with many others having a doctorate in a relevant field. In most cases, education is received in steps throughout a person’s life and not necessarily in order right after finishing college. Some relevant fields to get a higher degree in include education, business, leadership, and accounting, according to The Princeton Review.


To become a college administrator, you will also need to be well-experienced. College administrators typically have been working in the education administration field for at least twenty years before getting a job as an administrator. You will likely need to spend time in several different departments, including admissions, human resources, and the accounting department. Once you have proven to be successful and experienced in a variety of different departments, you will be well qualified to get a job in the administration department. To become the head of administration, it may require you to move to a different college than what you worked in before.


Another step that you will need to take to become a college administrator is to pass any necessary and relevant licensing programs. While many colleges administrators do not directly need a license to perform the job legally, many other jobs in a college do require a license. This can include the financial aid and admissions department, which have licenses to ensure that employees follow the law when making decisions. Having these licenses in place will ensure you are fully aware of how these departments need to operate legally and efficiently.


While many people do not think that being an administrator is a job that would require networking, those that are successful in the position will be accustomed to networking with others in the industry. In order to ensure that the school is successful, an administrator will need to be able to know what other schools are doing to attract the best students and operate effectively. Some parts of networking will include joining professional associations and attending conferences and networking events when the come about.

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A college administrator is an individual who is involved in many different areas of the operation of a college including hiring staff, admitting students, and completing financial budgets. For someone who is looking to become a college administrator, there are several steps which should be followed that will help anyone to get into the field of college administration.


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