How Do I Become a Curriculum Director?

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As a curriculum director, you will be responsible for developing and modifying curriculum within an educational institution or a district. Directors of curriculum development are administrators in education and make decisions that can impact hundreds of students each year. If you believe that you have the problem-solving skills and professional potential that you need to succeed in this multidimensional position, it is time to learn about the steps that you must take to get qualified and land the role.

As you might expect, pursuing an administrator role in education can be very competitive. You need to have the right educational background, professional experience and a good reputation in the field to even get recruiters to glance at your resume. Read on, and find out the steps that you can take to get hired as a director of curriculum development.

Completing an Undergraduate Degree Program

The most basic requirement to become a curriculum director is to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Education. While there is not a specific major requirement, it can be very helpful if you select the right optional coursework to build your foundation of knowledge in the area. Some of the courses that you can take when you are an undergrad include: curriculum development, instructional design or instruction technology. While these are not actual requirements to earn your degree, they will be helpful as you climb your way up the professional ladder.

Getting Certified as an Educator

You cannot really expect to be a part of the development of curriculum if you are not certified to teach yourself. This is why you must earn your teaching certificate before you can move up to administration. The requirements for teaching certification vary from state to state, but all state boards of education require that you have a Bachelor’s degree or that you have passed a teacher preparation program. You should check the actual requirements in your state as you are studying so that you complete the right courses.

Teaching in a Classroom Setting

Once you earn your certification, you will then need to use it. You cannot be a beginner in the education field when you are developing curriculum. This is why you need hands-on experience following curriculum and instructing students. When you get experience in classroom management and can show that you are experienced enough for advancement, you should start a master’s training program.

Complete a Graduate Program

An administrator in the field of education will need to become an expert in instructional design. To do this, you will need to complete a graduate program majoring in something like educational administration. You can select the courses that pertain to the occupation and then step up to becoming a leader in your current role.

After you have earned your Master’s degree and demonstrated that you are a leader in the field, you can then apply for the appropriate certification in your state. Most states require any administrator in an educational setting to be certified or to apply for a certification endorsement. The average curriculum specialist earns $67,162 per year, with the highest paid professionals earning over $99,000 annually. After you have spent the time getting trained and have experienced what life is like in education, you can decide if becoming a curriculum director is the right transition for you.

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