How Do I Learn to Use a Smart Board?

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In order to teach students material using the most innovative tools available, today’s teachers absolutely must learn to use a Smart Board. This piece of technology provides an interactive way to show slideshows, videos, interactive problem-solving games and techniques, and much more. Furthermore, the Smart Board is becoming an increasingly common piece of classroom technology for teachers in all disciplines. Being able to leverage this tool will boost student learning and, for new teachers, boost their chances of landing a full-time teaching job with a local school district. The real question, then, is where should teachers look for information on how to use the Smart Board to further student learning, state standards, and challenging curriculum?

Consider SMART’s Official Online Training Resource

SMART, which is the company behind the Smart Board, has long recognized that its technologies require teachers to spend a bit of time learning the basics. That’s why the company features a full online training resource, known as SMART Training Resources. Using this powerful online tool, teachers learn how Smart Boards work, how they can display interactive learning technologies, and how to create their own customized, engaging lessons for display on the board. Tools walk teachers through the fundamentals of these areas in a step-by-step fashion, encouraging hands-on use of the Smart Board at all times.

Collaborative SMART Teacher Forums

Once teachers have learned how to use the board and make engaging lesson plans for it, they can actually enter into a community of other teachers who freely exchange Smart Board presentations and learning tools. These exchanges happen on Smart’s own community forum, and the files are easily downloadable for free. After downloading these files, teachers can use them in conjunction with the SMART Notebook software and display them on the Smart Board. They’ll be able to teach themselves the best way to use interactive technologies and rich media experiences before the next class.

Consider Pinterest or Facebook Groups for More Information

Teachers benefit most from collaboration and group development of lesson plans, and today’s social media sites are the best way to collaborate without geographic or other barriers. Pinterest features an entire group of pins dedicated to SMART training, lesson development, interactive lesson ideas and much more. This functions almost like a gallery for educators, who can look at existing lessons and plan something unique for their own class with a bit of added inspiration.

Facebook groups hosted by SMART itself, and by independent or enterprising teachers, also serve as an excellent teaching resource for those looking to learn about Smart Board. These Facebook pages and groups allow teachers to ask questions directly to SMART staff members and customer service representatives, which is far more convenient than calling the company’s phone number or waiting hours for a response on SMART’s community forums.

Many Ways Exist to Learn About SMART and the Smart Board Hardware

SMART has spent years developing and refining its Smart Board hardware and software, all in an effort to help students learn in ways that mesh with their high-tech background. Teachers who wish to take advantage of the company’s innovations in this area need to make sure that they understand fundamentals of the hardware and software, as well as more sophisticated techniques leading to new lessons and presentations. By using SMART’s website, social media and numerous discussion forums, it’s actually pretty easy for today’s educators to learn to use a Smart Board in an exceedingly short amount of time.

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