How Do I Maintain My Teaching Certification?

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Teaching is a profession that requires continuous education in order to maintain certification. Every state has their own unique requirements for prospective teachers who would like to earn their license. Once you meet these educational and experience requirements that are mandated by the state, you will need to make an effort to stay up-to-date with teaching strategies by continuing your education in teaching. Many options are available to teachers to can maintain your certification, and each state has its own requirements. Here is some vital information that you should review to ensure you are ready to renew your certification when the time comes.

Learn About the Renewal Timelines

One of the first things that you must do to maintain your educator’s license or teaching certificate is review the period that the license will stay active. Some states require an educator with a professional license to renew their license every two years, and others allow licensure to stay valid for five years at a time. By taking the time to review the renewal period, you can plan ahead of time to complete the professional development courses that are required by the state licensing board. You should also be aware of the renewal period, which is typically in the months of April, May or June, so that you do not miss out on any deadlines.

Renewal Credits and How to Become Eligible for Renewal

The entire purpose of requiring educators to renew their licenses so frequently is to ensure that all professionals are making an effort to continually improve their professional knowledge and also become more technically competent as their gain experience in the classroom. To update professional knowledge, teachers are required to complete continuing education courses in literacy, academic subject areas and general courses. The actual number of professional development credits that are required will depend on your state. It is important to check with the State Education Department directly for specific credit hour requirements so that you can enroll in the correct courses.

Other Requirements to Maintain Your Certificate

In addition to taking college courses to maintain a provisional or professional certificate, you will also need to meet other renewal requirements. Often these requirements can be applied towards a Master’s in Education degree. Many states will require every candidate to attend a professional conference and submit proof of previous curriculum development. You may also need to show your commitment to teaching by posting an academic article or journal or having a textbook published. In some cases, professional level teachers may be required to complete a mentorship or a education project rather than completing college credit for renewal points.

If you want to become a teacher, the first step is earning your teaching certification. After you have earned the right to teach, you must show that you are committed to the profession by renewing your license. Every state has its own requirements for teaching certification renewal requirements, and knowing these requirements is your responsibility as a professional. You can find a guide to licensing requirements by state by visiting, and then map out your plan on how you will approach your continuing education and maintain certification.

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