Great High Schools Making Great Students

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Great High Schools Making Great Students

William Floyd High School
Long Island, NY Public School

  • Number of students: 2,928
  • Student Teacher Ratio:17:1
  • Economically disadvantaged students: 1 in 5
  • Students Proficient in English: 92%
  • Students Proficient in Math: 88%

Featured Student: Kwasi Enin

  • Accepted into 8 Ivy League schools
  • Scored 2,250 / 2,500 on SAT
  • Ranked 11th in class of 647
  • Took 11 AP courses
  • Sang in school’s a cappella group
  • Enin will be attending Yale

University of Chicago Lab High School
Chicago, Ill. Private School

  • Number of students: 1,850
  • 99% of students go on to a 4-year college
  • Over 150 courses available
  • 49% of students are students of color
  • Families speak over 60 languages and identify with over 158 ethnicities

Featured Student:Lane Gunderman

  • Spent his childhood moving from shelter to shelter
  • He was homeschooled until the 6th grade
  • Made it to the final round of the Intel Science Talent Search
  • Created a synthetic material to mimic a natural scientific process
  • Varsity member of the Math and Science Teams
  • Gunderman will be attending MIT

The Gow School
South Wales, N.Y. Boarding School

  • Number of students 202
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 4:1
  • 100% of students who graduate from Gow are accepted to college
  • 27% of families are offered financial aid

    Average award of $21,260

Featured Student:Izer Martinez

  • Overcame dyslexia to become an award-winning competitive slam poet
  • He has earned many awards for his poetry from school and at open mic nights
  • Martinez was the president of the student council
  • Martinez will be attending University of Pennsylvania

The Out-of-Door Academy
Sarasota, FL College Prep School

  • Number of students 650
  • Student Teacher Ratio: 8.5:1
  • Faculty members having advanced degrees: 60%
  • 98% of Class received unsolicited merit/academic scholarships

    $150,000+ average 4-year scholarship per recipient

Featured Student:Brittany Wenger

  • Programmed an artificial brain that diagnoses Cancer
  • Learned to code at age 7
  • Developed Cloud4Cancer, a cloud-based artificial neural network program used to diagnose Breast Cancer malignancy with 99.11% accuracy
  • Wenger plans to attend Duke University

How do schools help create success stories?

  • 75% of students in the juvenile justice system have histories of serious school attendance problems.
  • After 49 hours of professional development of teachers, student performance can increase as much as 21%
  • School districts provide numerous opportunities for faculty training

Provided Development:

  • A school year schedule of all professional development
  • Subject focused sessions
  • New Teacher Institute for faculty in first 4 years of teaching
  • Mentor Program for newer teachers as well
  • 10 Page list of approved courses for teachers to take with outside organizations
  • The implementation of stated goals allows schools to strive toward specific ends
  • Using the previous years’ tests scores and reviews, schools can improve their education programs


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