Top Careers in Education

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Elementary School Teachers

Elementary school teachers are essential in helping children in the processes of learning how to do math and read. An elementary school teacher plays an important role in the education of a child, because he or she is at critical stage in education. The skills that a child learns during the kindergarten and first-grade years will stay with that child for the rest of his or her life. It is important for a teacher at this level to understand effective methodologies for teaching children in the ages of two to ten. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the starting salary for an elementary school teacher is about $51,000 a year.

High School Teachers

According to the BLS, the starting salary for high school teachers is about $53,000 a year. There is only expected to be a seven percent growth in the demand for high school teachers in the future. High school teachers have the task of planning daily lessons and instructing teenagers between the ages of fourteen to eighteen. A high school teacher may face a lot of pressure to prepare students for their college years. He or she may also assist high school students with their college applications. In the private school arena, high school teachers often fulfill the role of a college counselor too.

School Principals

The BLS reports that elementary, middle school and high school principals make about $86,000 a year. A principal has the duty of identifying the goals of a school and ensuring that a school meets those goals. He or she also oversees the daily functions of the school. A principal also has the task of motivating teachers and helping them set standards for students. A principal may also have to meet with parents or students on a daily basis. Principals may need to also teach classes in the school, depending on whether the school has a shortage of teachers due to budget cuts.


A professor can make anywhere from $60,000 to $120,000 a year. Professors who make six-figure salaries tend to teach in specialized departments, such as law, medicine or engineering. A professor is responsible for instructing students as they pursue their college degrees. A professor has the responsibility of also conducting research outside of his or her teaching hours. Professors often face the pressure to become published in a series of journals or newspapers during their tenures. A professor may also have an active role in clinics that are hosted by a school.

College Administrators

College administrators make an average salary of about $82,000 a year. A college administrator is responsible for overseeing that a college meets its budget on a monthly and yearly basis. In addition, a college administrator has the task of recruiting new faculty members and encouraging the research departments of the university. A college administrator may also focus on a specific department of the college, such as the alumni center.

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