Types of Education Degrees

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Whether you want to be a principal, college administrator, teacher or tutor, there are a variety of degrees available that can suit your career plans. If you want to teach in a public school, then you will need to obtain a state license and pass a competency test. You will also need to complete certain educational courses in order to become a teacher. Here are some of the most common types of education degrees.

Early Childhood Education Degrees

Teachers who choose this specialty will teach children between the ages of two and five. States do not require that teachers have a college degree with a specialty in early childhood education. It is recommended that teachers pursue this specialty in order to learn teaching methods that are catered to this age group. Some states now suggest that teachers pursue this type of degree, but there is still no legal requirement that teachers have this type of degree.

Educational Leadership Degrees

People who choose to pursue an educational leadership degree frequently have a desire to eventually become a principal of an elementary school, middle school or high school. They may also wish to become part of the administration for a college. They may also want to become the president of a college. If one plans on becoming a president at the university level, then obtaining this type of degree is essential. This type of program focuses on teaching effective leadership skills. One will learn how to communicate with parents, teachers and students. One will also learn how to manage the administrative tasks associated with running a high school or college.

Bachelors in Education

A bachelor’s degree in education will provide students with classes on classroom management and the psychology of students. You will also learn effective teaching methods when you take education courses in this degree program. A bachelor’s degree in education usually takes four or five years to complete. One can pursue a B.S. in Education and also obtain a specialty in a science field such as biology, physics or chemistry. A student may also decide to double major in a field that interests him or her. For example, a student may know that he or she ultimately wants to teach Spanish classes in a high school and may decide to pursue a minor or major in Spanish.

Masters in Education

A Master’s degree is usually a two-year program. In a Master’s program, a student will learn innovative teaching methods for the classroom. He or she may also learn new ways to incorporate technology into the classroom. A Master’s program helps teachers advance their teaching careers. Upon obtaining this type of degree, a teacher may be promoted to teach a new course in a high school. A teacher may also be promoted to an administrative position if he or she has this type of degree. A school will usually pay for a teacher to obtain this type of advanced degree in his or her career.


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